Blix Hotell - a name with a unique history

Sometimes, the heart and motivation reaches beyond what is expected of you when you truly love a tiny town by the fjord.

The proud, and well reputable engineer and architect, Peter Andres Blix (1831-1901) spent money and resources out of his own pocket to preserve Viks cultural history and architecture, presented by the two magnificent churches Hove Stone Church and Hopperstad Stave Church. The two churches are proud monuments of his effort and open for visitors today.

P.A Blix spent the last years of his life in Vik and had his “own” room at Hopstock Hotel and was, on his own request, buried under the church floor in Hove Stone Church. 

I 1981 the town of Vik raised a memorial stone in honor of Mr. Blix and you can find it right outside the door of our hotel.

…but the history of Blix hotel goes more than 355years back in time!

In 1659 the Guesthouse in Vik was given permission to serve alcohol, and this marks the start of the hotels history. For almost 200 years it served the towns visitors until the the old guesthouse burnt to the ground June 16th, 1838.

The guesthouse was rebuilt by Jens Roald Valentinsen, and sold to his brother-in-law Ole Andreas Hopstock in 1847. He named it Hopstock Hotel.

From 1945 to 1971 the hotel was run by the local Mons Thorsen and his sister.

In 1971 Anne Marie and Carl Melchior Rieber took over and had the place rebuilt. The building process was completed it 1973. The hotel was open for 37 years until a fire broke out and the main building was burnt to the ground in May 2010.

In 2014 new owners, Røyrvik Eigendom AS and Jorunn Åsfrid Røyrvik, took over and completely rebuilt the main building.

In honor of Peter Andreas Blix´ effort and success with restoring the churches, the hotel was named Blix Hotel.

The doors opened 12.12.2015 and now the hotel is open all year round.