Blix hotell - in the heart of Vik

Travel here..

From Voss and Bergen

  • 70km from Voss over Vikafjellet, approx. 1 hour by car

  • 180km from Bergen over Vikafjellet, approx. 2 hours and 45 min by car

From the quai at Vangsnes

  • 11km distance to Vik

  • The ferry docks at Hella (towards Sogndal) and Dragsvik (towards Balestrand)

From Bergen with the express boat

  • Norled Express boat from Bergen takes 3 hours and 40 min. The boat docks an approx. 2 min walk from the hotel.


From Sogndal Airport

  • Drive towards Leikanger and then Hella Quai. The drive (including the ferry) takes around 1h 40 min.


Bus Station

  • Vik Bus station is situated 2 min walk from the hotel.


Guest Harbour

  • More information to come

It is possible to reach us by train from Oslo and Bergen to Voss. From Voss you can take the bus (April-October) or drive across the Vikafjellet mountain to reach us. The drive is quite spectacular and takes approx. 1 hour

Let us know if you have any questions!